From Surviving to Thriving

Surviving to Thriving is an 8-week psychoeducational outreach group designed to educate caregivers and their children about abuse, mitigate risk factors, increase safety, and develop coping strategies to build resiliency. Caregivers will learn the impact of trauma and abuse on children, how to support them emotionally and enhance attachment using positive parenting skills. Sessions will allow children to identify their emotions, have healthy communication skills and learn to cope with anger. The program’s framework is structured around the ideology that victims and children are not responsible for the abuse they have experienced, and the focus is on healing and strengthening the bond between caregiver and child.

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Topics Covered


Building Rapport   What is Abuse   Safety Planning   Feelings/Anger   Responsibility   
Self-Esteem   Communication   Problem Solving   Celebration


Eligibility Requirements

  • Children must be ages 6-12 years

  • Teens must be ages 13-17 years

  • Children must be able to participate in group setting and separate from their parent/caregiver

  • Caregiver/client must have separated from abuser within the last 1-2 years

  • Family must be safe

  • Children must be in the care of the client (parent/caregiver) or be able to attend the group with the client

  • Must have parental consent for child to participate


  • 6-8 caregivers/clients
  • 10 children/youth


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