Responsible Media Reporting Training Program
Gender-Based Violence and Gendered Issues


No matter the issue being discussed, media plays an important role – arguably the most important role – in forming public opinion. How events and stories are covered by the media has the potential to shape and reinforce not only opinion among the general public but also political and public policy and how governments address - or do not address - the events and issues that are being covered.

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About the Program

Through this program, we aim to educate our media partners so that the way in which gender-based violence and women’s issues are covered can begin to be reframed. Journalism is among the most powerful tools for social justice, particularly in the global fight against gender-based violence. Journalists have the power to amplify the voices of women, girls and sexually-and-gender-diverse folks to shed light on forms of violence that target them and to help communities worldwide address the harmful social norms that underpin gender inequality and gender-based violence.

Who Can Take the Program?

This training program is intended for journalists and students of journalism; however, police, victim services agencies, public relations and communications professionals, educators, elected officials, and others who work with the media will also benefit from taking this course.


The Training...

The training program consists of an online course with a docu-series embedded within it, hundreds of recommendations across several sub-topics of gender-based violence and gendered issues, and a comprehensive Guide for Journalists. The online course, the docu-series, and the Guide for Journalists can each stand alone, though they are most valuable as complements to each other.


Our Thanks.

Gillian’s Place is abundantly grateful to Women and Gender Equality Canada for their 30-month long investment into this project.

Thanks to this investment, we are able to offer this training at no charge for the next several months.

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