Meet the Interviewees

We wanted to ensure our documentary represented a broad category of stakeholders that would suit the needs of this project, and it's aim to promote gender equality and diversity in news media content, enhance news media capacity to appropriately and responsibly address gender-based violence, and increase the representation of women and gender-diverse people as experts and leaders in news media.

We selected Interviewees based on the following categories/criteria:

  • Local Journalists and Media: When considering our goal to develop a training program for journalists, it is imperative that we seek input and feedback from journalists about how they do their job and from those who teach students of journalism about how and what they are teaching students. We wanted a diversity of perspectives from men and women who work in media, so we selected some seasoned journalists and some newer journalists, as well as selecting the only woman in Niagara who is in a leadership role in print media.
  • Experts in gender-based violence and gender issues: Given the important role that media plays in forming public opinion and influencing public policy, it was necessary to speak with experts and advocates whose work focuses on gender-based violence and gender issues to get their feedback on the impact of irresponsible, incomplete, or poor media coverage of these issues. It was important get thoughts from experts and advocates on why they think they are underrepresented, how they can be more equitably represented, and what are the impacts of their underrepresentation.
  • Equity-seeking groups: The perspectives of women and people whose identities intersected in various ways that are marginalized or stigmatized are extremely important to the success of this project. Irresponsible, incomplete, or an outright absence of media coverage is more of a reality the further away a subject or expert gets from being about a cis-gendered white woman who has no visible disabilities and low-socioeconomic status. 



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