Did you know? Gillian's Place has to raise over $1 million per year to sustain our life-changing and often life saving programs and services. 

Gillian's Place relies on our signature event Walk a Mile in HER Shoes to ensure our priority programs and services are available for survivors of gender-based violence when protection and support are needed most. Our priority programs include: 

  • Emergency Shelter for survivors experiencing gender-based violence.
  • Second-Stage Family Program that employs a full-time family counsellor to support families on their journey to safe transitional housing.
  • Legal Advice and Support provides much needed support and advice to survivors.
  • Specialized Mental Health and Addictions Support
  • Community Education and Violence Prevention Programs ensure that the community and Gillian's Place can work together to end gender-based violence through workplace workshops, trainings and educational resources to break the cycle of violence and abuse.

Click the button below to access our 2023 Annual Report and learn more about community impact: 



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