Women and gender-diverse folks are always doing the work for men in terms of taking a stand for violence against women. Men and male-identifying allies have more power relative to women in society, which places them in great place to advance gender initiatives.

Walk a Mile in HER Shoes is not only a great opportunity to raise funds and awareness, but it also directly benefits those who participate. Walk a Mile in HER Shoes directly benefits men and male-identifying allies by...

  • Promoting healthy relationships
  • Broadening gender expectations and norms
  • Changing ridged gender perceptions
  • Promoting male allyship
  • Transforming unhealthy masculinities
  • Advancing self-care for men

Walk a Mile in HER Shoes is an opportunity for men and male-identifying allies to put in the work to end violence against women.

To learn more about promoting gender equity, healthy relationships and a new vision of masculinity, please visit White Ribbon here.

Gillian's Place is experiencing demand on our emergent and non-emergent services and programs like never before.  Last September, the Niagara Region joined over 90 other municipalities across Ontario in declaring intimate partner violence an epidemic. 

Here are harrowing statistics and facts about the insidious nature of abuse and violence in Canada and why it is more important now, more than ever before, for folks to show support and solidarity for Walk a Mile in HER Shoes: 

  • On average, one woman or girl is killed every 48 hours in Canada.
  • Last year, there were over 60 femicides in Ontario – over 70% of these murders occurred inside the victim’s home. Three of these tragedies happened right here in Niagara.
  • On any given night in Canada, over 6,000 women, children, gender, and sexually diverse folks are finding haven in shelters like Gillian’s Place.

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