What is Stopping You

I know I should leave but...

Despite the pain, this is a big step and a huge decision. Sometimes you know that you need to leave but there are questions and concerns that stop you from taking the first step. Have you ever said, I know that I should leave but…

He doesn't hit me but...
Reminder: Abuse can be physical, emotional, psychological, financial or sexual. If you are being hurt in any way, you are being abused.

If only he would stop drinking or start taking his medication and everything would be fine. He says he loves me and he is sorry for what he did. He promises to change
Not true. The abuse would continue anyway because of his need to control your life.

Or have you ever thought?

  • Staying in this relationship is best for the children, isn't it?
  • I don't have a job; I wouldn't even know how to get one
  • He has all the money; I only have a small allowance
  • I can't afford legal help with divorce or custody issues
  • I love him, he's the father of our children, and I don't want anything to happen to him. I just want it to stop.
  • I don't want the police involved.
  • I don't want family, friends or neighbours to find out what's going on.
  • What if he tried to find me, I don't know what he would do.
  • How would I get to an emergency shelter? What about the kids? When should I go? What should I take with me?

Whatever is stopping you from seeking help, consider talking about it with someone trustworthy. You can call us any time at 905-684-8331 for answers to your questions and insights that may put your concerns into perspective.

Need free transportation to our shelter, directions for how to get here or help planning your safe escape? Again, call us any time at 905-684-8331.

Will it get better on its own?

Unfortunately not, in fact, just the opposite: Unless the cycle of abuse is broken—unless YOU decide to break free from the abuse—it is likely to continue and even get worse as the years go by.

The violence and your pain and suffering is likely to happen more and get worse until you decide to leave or the unthinkable happens.

Take some time to think about what you want your life to look like; what you want your children's future to look like. YOU HAVE THE POWER TO TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE AND WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU. We will help you every step of the way

How can you break the cycle?

For each woman, the journey from fear to freedom is different. But for all women, the journey begins with reaching out for help.

Know that you have the strength within you to travel this road. Know that you can make choices today that will help you create a better future.

Start small. Start by calling us at 905-684-8331. We'd be glad to talk to you about how you can break free from the abuse.

You may choose to stay at our emergency shelter. You may not. Either way, our free and confidential services are available to you. We will support you every step of the way as you seek safety, heal from the abuse and rebuild your life.

You can break free from the prison that is abuse. The future may look scary now but each small step will get your closer to your freedom. You too, can break the cycle, just as many women before you have done.


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